Lesson 3

CLASE 3. En la ciudad – In the town. Cultura

Teléfonos en España

Spanish prefer to use mobile phone (móvil en España, celular en América Latina), many people use a house phone (fijo) only because of ADSL internet connection. You shouldn´t call people between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. as it´s a lunch time, neither after 10 p.m. as it´s considered as a privat time. The only exception is if you agreed to have a dinner together.

In Spain there are 4 big companies that offer mobile communications: Movistar, Vodafone (you should read it as "Bodaphone"), Orange and Yoigo. The first two of them are the most expensive (caras), while Yoigo is the cheapest one (barata). You have two ways of payment: prepago (first you pay, then you speak) and contrato (supposes you make a one-year contract with a company). In the second case, the prices are smaller but you must have a residence card (tarjeta de residencia) and a bank account (cuenta bancaria).

Besides of these four, there are some small low-cost companies like Lebara Móvil or Tuenti that can offer cheaper calls, specially to foreign countries, and cheap internet connection. If you don´t voyage to the country, it can be a good choice.

  • 1. Selecciona la opción adecuada:
  • El teléfono de tu casa se llama




    Tu smartphone se llama

    móvil en España y fijo en América Latina

    móvil en España y celular en América Latina

    fijo en España y móvil en América Latina

    Si no tienes tarjeta de residencia, sólo puedes comprar una SIM

    de contrato

    de prepago

    La compañía de telefonía móvil más barata es




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