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School life in Spanish

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Exams results are called notas (marks) or calificaciones (ratings). In Spain, they use a 10-point grading scale, i.e. the highest mark is a ten, and the lowest one is zero. Students sacan (get) marks, while teachers ponen (put) them:

Me han puesto un seis en el examen de Lengua – I've been given a six in the Language exam
He sacado un sobresaliente en Educación Física – I've got an excellent mark in P.E.

The marks are called:

Spanish name
English name
matrícula de honor
with honors

La matrícula de honor (the distinction of Honors) exists only at University as a recognition for the excellent work, it gives economic benefits.

They say about the students who get excellent marks:

Es una chica diez = she only gets 10s
Es un empollón
= (a nerd) studies day and night (and it is seen as something negative)
Es brillante = very intelligent and gets excellent results

They say about bad students:

Es un repetidor/tripitidor = taking the same course for the second / third time
Es un fracaso escolar = cannot pass any subject

If a student misbehaves in class, he/she is given parte de amonestación (a warning, a reprimand). Once three warnings are accumulated, the student can be expelled (expulsar) temporarily:

Me han puesto tres partes y me han expulsado por dos semanas – I've been given three warnings and expelled for two weeks

In most schools, teachers give deberes (assignments) to the children which are tareas (tasks) they have to do at home:

Los fines de semana nos mandan demasiados deberesAt weekends, we are given too many assignments

Los tutores (tutors) are teachers responsible for a certain class. Los delegados (delegates) are students who represent the students of their class at the claustros (meetings of teachers).

The academic year is divided into three cuatrimestres (terms), each of them is, in fact, three months long. At the end of each term tests called evaluaciones are done:

Estamos de evaluaciones = We're taking the final exams of the term

After every evaluación, there are holidays (vacaciones): Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

Students who fail a subject vuelven a examinarse (are tested again) in September.

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